Is Rice’N Grinds gluten free?


Is Rice’N Grinds like Cream of Rice?

It is extremely similar to Cream of Rice. Cream of rice is a white rice hot cereal, unflavored and fortified with iron. Rice’N Grinds is an Organic and Flavored White Rice Hot Cereal. With no added Iron!

How do you cook the RNG?

Cooking directions are on the back of each bag. However, when cooking with a microwave. Each microwave varies in power. So that may slightly change the duration at which you need to cook the RNG. So we always suggest keeping an eye on your bowl the first couple of times to make your perfect bowl!

Do you offer free shipping?

YES! For orders over $85 in the U.S. ONLY!

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Shipping rates are calculated at check-out. Based off of destination and weight of order. 

How long does shipping normally take?

Shipping times are dependent upon a few things. When you order, where you are located and the size of the order. On average shipments take only 2 business days to arrive. We are located in the Central U.S., so some orders to Florida and California take 3 business days.

Can I substitute whatever I want with what is pre-determinded in the stacks?

Unfortunately not. These stacks are preset stacks and reflect our available inventory.

Is this okay for kids to eat?

AbsoFreakinglutely! Our daughter started to eat this at 16 months old. We would have to eat it in the closet to hide from her because she would steal it all. And I don’t know about you. But I have a hard time saying no to an adorable little girl asking me for food.

Can I buy Rice’N Grinds locally?

Yes! We have a store locator to see if any of our retail partners are within your preferred radius. If we do not have any parters in your area. Feel free to direct them to our wholesale inquiry form to get some information about wholesaling our product.

Do you fortify any of your products with Iron?

NO WAY! Only naturally occurring iron in the rice. Which is about .6mg per serving.

Do you offer a 30 serving flavored option?

YES! In our most popular flavor. Brown Sugar Cinnamon!

Can I bake with RNG?

YES! Check out our blog post “Pride Talk” section of the website for some foodspiration! And if you do bake with RNG, tag us in your Pride creation!